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Titan Garage Doors are your local experts for all things related to your garage door. From garage door repair to replacement, along with regular maintenance and emergency services, we have all your garage door requirements covered. Our fully trained technicians repair and maintain every type of garage door, no matter what the issue might be.

We also fit all the popular brands of new doors at prices you can afford. Hundreds of customers in and around Winnipeg have taken advantage of our professional services. Now, you can too.

Crime on the Increase in Winnipeg

While Winnipeg is still a wonderful place to live, police reports show that crime is on the increase. For example, one of our Winnipeg customers woke up one Saturday morning to discover their garage door had been pried open by burglars. The customer, a family of four, is very security conscious and careful never to leave the garage open.

When the police were called, they found that at some point during the night, criminals had used a crowbar to break into the garage. The intruders had made off with a couple of adult bicycles and rifled through the family vehicle contents.

The customer, who lives in the Rockwood area, called Titan to repair the damaged door and to ensure it was made secure again. Unsurprisingly, the family feels that crime is definitely on the rise. Many residents feel the same and their fears are underlined by a 2018 Probe Research Poll, which officially declared rising crime as the main concern for the good citizens of this once safe city.

Meanwhile, the local police are advising Winnipeg residents to make sure their home security measures are in good shape. All entrances to the home should be secured, the garage door included. The garage is a favorite entry point for criminals because it is usually situated away from the main living area of the home. Faulty garage door motors, broken locks, and worn springs can all make it easy for criminals to force the door open.

Why Call the Professionals?

For security’s sake, you really don’t want to leave the fitting, repairs, and maintenance of your garage door in the hands of amateurs. Titan Garage Doors provide the very best overhead garage door service for customers in and around Winnipeg. And we’ve made it part of our mission to help keep our community safe.

A lot of people think that calling in a professional garage door repair company can be a costly affair. We get it, but consider that it could turn out to be more expensive to call in a handyman who doesn’t specialize in garage doors. Fixing an amateur’s mistakes further down the line will only push the costs up even further.

When it comes to garage doors, we advise you stay away from DIY, for a number of reasons. Firstly, garage doors are heavy, sometimes weighing up to 200 kilos. Attempting self-repairs exposes you to the risk of accidents. Secondly, there are powerful forces at work here. Torsion springs have enough potential energy to shift this weight quickly and easily. This energy can cause a great deal of damage if something goes wrong.

Our technicians are fully trained professionals with many years of experience, and they take pride in their work. Titan technicians repair, service and replace all makes and models of garage door, and we guarantee our workmanship is of the highest standard.

With safety and security at stake, it’s vital to hire a garage door company with the necessary know-how and experience to understand not only the products but also the customer’s needs. Plus, as professionals, we’re careful to take your budget into account at all times.

Using cheap amateurs to repair or install your overhead garage doors can result in your home security becoming compromised. Badly fitting doors are an open invitation to burglars. Even the smallest gap between the ground and the bottom of the door is enough for criminals to lever the door open and gain access to the inside of your property.

Quality Garage Door Services from Titan

Titan has worked successfully on thousands of garage doors all across the province, and we have many 5-star reviews from satisfied customers to prove it. Our teams carry out garage door installation, maintenance, and repair—replacing your broken door springs, frayed or damaged cables, door panels, and motor configuration included. We provide services for both residential and commercial projects throughout Winnipeg. Plus, we offer fast and efficient emergency services 24/7.

Titan Garage Doors supplies, and fits only the very best parts and products. And our prices are sure to surprise you with the sheer affordability. As a certified and fully insured local company, you can expect quality installation and expert maintenance. Our same day services are renowned, and we’re here for you any time of the day or night. Once you call Titan, we can promise we’ll be there in a matter of hours.

Call Titan Garage Doors Today

Nobody wants to end up in the hospital after a failed attempt at repairing a garage door. And you certainly don’t want to give intruders access to your garage. So why not give us a no-obligation call and take advantage of our free estimates? Call Titan Garage Doors today on 204-400-2127. Remember, we service the entire Winnipeg, Manitoba area.

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