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Your overhead garage door is crucial to the integrity of your home as the garage door is considered to be a magnet for intruders and thieves. The garage is often situated away from the central living area of the home and often leads to direct access into the house. This makes an ill-fitting, or badly maintained garage door an easy target, especially in the dark of night when everyone else is sound asleep. And if that doesn’t convince you, maybe this recent police report will.

Winnipeg Crime Rates on the Rise

Police recently arrested a twenty-year-old Winnipeg man in connection with several garage burglaries. The man was caught driving a stolen vehicle. Upon closer inspection, the police also found a stolen bicycle inside the vehicle. The bicycle had been removed from a residential garage in July of last year.

After investigating, police linked the man to several garage break-ins that occurred towards the end of last year in and around the Winnipeg area. The culprit was eventually charged with 10 counts of breaking-and-entering, 5 counts of breaking-and-entering with intent, three motor vehicle thefts, possession of stolen property, and possession of a weapon.

Like criminals, the police know that a lot of homeowners store valuable items in their garage. The above case prompted Winnipeg’s law enforcement officials to launch a plea to all garage owners, “Make sure your garage doors are safe, secure, and in good repair.”

Why You Need a Professional Garage Door Company?

Now that we’ve established the security aspect of why you need to keep your overhead door functioning as it was intended, let’s take a look at another obstacle that can stop you calling in the professionals for your garage door repairs and maintenance.

As homeowners ourselves, we understand how tempting it can be to DIY your garage door. This might save you a little money in the short term, but there are a few things you should know before you start.

DIY’ers need to understand that garage doors are heavy, and the systems that run them are complex. Doing it yourself can result in further malfunctions or even worse, serious injury.

Take the door springs, for example. Can you imagine the power it takes to raise and lower the door? Now imagine that potent force causing a faulty spring to fly around the garage when handled incorrectly. Believe us, it’s just not worth the risk, to you or your loved-ones who happen to be standing close by.

You might also be tempted to call in a supposedly tech-savvy neighbor or hire a general handyman to do the job for you. This is not recommended. Calling in an amateur or someone who lacks the necessary experience will likely result in sub-par workmanship. That’s not all of it. It will also invalidate your warranty.

And seriously, who wants to pay for a botched repair job, only to have to pay the professionals when things go wrong again further down the line?

Service We Offer

  • Torsion spring replacement – Torsion spring replacement takes about an hour on average and would cost anywhere from 165-225$ per spring for a standard residential spring.
  • Torsion cable replacement – A cable replacement takes about an hour and costs anywhere from 125-200. This applies to doors that are not off track.
  • garage door operator repair – an opener repair service starts at 150$ depends on the malfunction and parts needed; it can take up to 2 hours 
  • garage door hinge replacement – hinges replacement is part of routine maintenance that every homeowner should partake a hinge start at 25$ 
  • Roller replacement – a roller replacement takes 20-40 mins in and out, and the cost would be at about 225$ for a full 7ft high door
  • Wayne dalton torque master to torsion conversion – The best counterbalance system takes approximately 90 min to replace and would start from 450$ depending on size. 
  • extension springs to torsion springs transformation – similar to the previous time-wise and cost starts at 450$ depending on size
  • routine maintenance – A full inspection and service will go over hinges bolts, garage door balance, and lubrication goes for 120$
  • preventive care – fix the problem before you get stuck, spring and cables replacement 
  • Presale inspection – inspect your garage door for a hassle-free house sale. Make sure the garage won’t put your transaction to stop.
  • Opener gear and sprocket repair or replacement – takes about an hour to replace price would start at 150$
  • Logic board replacement – Brains of your garage door operator. This component can break when there is a power outage, or a power surge replacement starts at 250$ depending on model and availability. 
  • Travel module replacement – The opener part that is responsible for your garage door operator trolly moving back and forth. The price for a replacement would start from 200$
  • Safety sensors alignment – A widespread issue that is easily solved. The price for that on its own would be 120$ as minimum labour.
  • safety sensors replacement – In most cases, safety eye replacement would range anywhere from 150-250$
  • vertical track repair – garage door tracks repair will start from 120$ + GST
  • vertical tracks replacement – Vertical track replacement will start from 300$ depending on size and gauge  
  • horizontal track repair – garage door tracks repair will start from 120$ + GS
  • horizontal track replacement – Vertical track replacement will start from 300$ depending on size and gauge  
  • cable drum replacement – Cable drums are made of cast iron, so even a small crack requires replacement 
  • full door inspection – our full garage door inspection that includes inspection and minor door adjustments will go for 120$+GST
  • opener reprogramming – removal and adding new remotes or an operator format will start from 95$
  • opener theft recovery – this service goes for 120$+GST
  • remote reprogramming – this service goes for 120$+GST
  • keypad installation – A wireless pad mounted on the outside of your garage provide a keyless entry to your garage or house; the keypad starts from 95$
  • keypad reprogramming – our programing service starts from 95$
  • High lift conversion – Want to put that car lift to utilize your garage space? With a high lift conversion, you can! contact us for pricing and consultation
  • Vertical lift conversion – the ideal space saver only possible for a garage with high ceilings super space saver! contact us for more information 
  • opener installation – operator installation starts from 150-250 for most residential openers 
  • high cycle spring conversion – get a lifetime spring call us for pricing and consultation 
  • Single spring to double conversion – get the added safety for your garage door in these critical moments!
  • Off-track door repair – Nothing looks bad as an off the track garage door, but we can help! the price would start from 200$+GST 
  • Panel replacement – Panel replacement can be costly, but sometimes it would make sense when it comes to the price of a replacement section; it starts from 400$
  • Accidental damage repair – Call us for more information as these can very is the severity of damage 

Titan Garage Door Repair is Here to Help

Let’s face it, at some point your garage door will need replacing or repairs. Garage doors break due to the many years of wear and tear, or because accidents happen, such as Junior reversing into the door. Whatever the cause, an overhead door that malfunctions or doesn’t fit properly can impact your daily routine and compromise the safety and security of your home.

When you call the real garage door specialists like Titan, you pay once and get the job done properly the first time. We’ll even give you a guarantee, on parts and labor. Titan is your local expert in the repair and maintenance of existing overhead doors, plus we fit brand new doors too. Our teams of fully trained technicians have many years of experience and are all certified and insured.

Titan 24/7 Emergency and Same-Day Services in the Winnipeg Area

Garage doors can and do give issues at the most unpredictable times, which is why our technicians are on standby all day and all night. One call to Titan and we’ll be at your home in a matter of hours. If you don’t have an emergency, but you still need your overhead door looked at fast, why not try our same-day services? Titan carries out almost any job within hours of our team arriving at your home.

Get in Touch with Titan Today

You can contact Titan Garage Doors any time. Find out about our free, no-obligation quotes, schedule a routine maintenance plan, ask about our range of top, brand new doors, or take advantage of our same-day repair services. No need to wait until your overhead door starts to give you problems. Call Titan garage Doors on 204-400-2127 now, and speak with one of our experts.

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