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Titan Garage Door Repairs has seen just about every kind of garage door problem you can imagine. And then some, but time and time again the underlying issue with a garage door comes back to one component: the opener. There are many reasons why your overhead door opener suddenly functions incorrectly or fails completely. In one customer’s garage, we even found wasps nest blocking the photo-eye sensors.

Fortunately, the skilled technicians at Titan come prepared for all eventualities, and they are trained to deal with all kinds of issues. Plus, we stock and fit all of the top branded components and parts, and can generally carry out repairs on a same-day basis.

Why Call the Professionals?

There may be occasions when you’re able to save some cash with your DIY skills. That said, fixing a garage door problem by yourself is a challenging prospect. Garage doors are heavy, and the cables and springs can be dangerous to the untrained, or if you don’t have the specialist tools for the job. Particularly the overhead opener is a complex device that requires experience and know-how to deal with correctly. The following are just a few of the garage door opener issues we’ve been called upon to fix for our customers in and around Winnipeg.

Titan Garage Door Opener Repair: Real Customer Scenarios

First: Dead transmitter batteries.

Sounds simple, but it’s not uncommon for the batteries to be overlooked. The garage door remote needs power to send a signal to the opener so it can raise and lower the door. Our customer had several remotes for this chain driven garage door, one with a dead battery. Our technician changed the batteries in all the remotes because if one is dead, it won’t be long before the batteries in the other remotes fail too.

Second: Photo eyes dirty or misaligned on a belt-driven garage door.

As a safety precaution, every garage door has two small sensors on either side of the garage entrance. They send an invisible beam to each other to make sure there’s nothing in the way when the garage door closes. If the beam is interrupted, the door will stop. This safety feature prevents the door from closing on a person or a vehicle.

Our customer’s door had stopped working after his son had reversed into the door the night before. Our technicians arrived a couple of hours after he called Titan. Besides the obvious dent in one of the door panels, our experts also found dirty and misaligned photo sensors had put the overhead door out of action. A spot of cleaning and a few slight adjustments brought the sensors back up to speed, along with a minor door renovation that quickly restored our customer’s garage to its former glory.

Second: Garage door not closing completely.

Intruders and burglars love a garage door that leaves a gap just wide enough for a crowbar when it’s supposed to be closed. With this in mind, our customer wanted her door fixed pretty darned pronto and called Titan’s 24/7 emergency service. Our technicians arrived within the hour and upon thorough inspection found that the close-limit settings needed readjusting. This safety feature of all modern overhead openers is designed to prevent the door from hitting people or vehicles. With the right adjustments made, our technicians left a happy customer with a secure and correct functioning garage door.

Here is a partial list of repairs we preform on garage door openers in Winnipeg

Worn out main gear and sprocket:

Inside the opener, the gear is being turned by the motor that rotates the sprocket, which opens the door by pulling the chain. The gear is often made from white plastic or nylon. Gear teeth get worn out, and the sprocket will not be able to get the chain moving. In order for this issue to be fixed, the opener must be opened, and the gear replaced.

Faulty logic board: 

Faulty board is also often referred to as circuit board, it looks like the green board that you can find in a computer, and it is indeed the computerized part of the opener. A garage door not responding to the remote can be caused by a logic board issue, which receives signals from remotes, sensors and controls. Most times, a problematic logic board will not appear broken, it has antennas and connections on it, and it may difficult to identify an issue without the proper experience.

Faulty RPM sensor:

RPM sensor monitors the speed of the garage opener motor. If your garage door opens or closes few inches at a time and the lights are blinking, it could be an indicator that the RPM sensor is defective. The sensor connects to the motor with wires and is made from plastic. 

Identifying the opener malfunctions involves unplugging the opener from the power source, then the opener must be disconnected from the garage door, which must be in a closed position. The opener must then be taken down and placed on a table or working station to be opened. An experienced garage door technician will be able to identify the issue the quickest and fix it in the shortest time and in the safest manner.

Another issue that can prevent your garage door from closing is a misaligned sensor.

According to safety regulations, a garage door that has an electric opener must have anti-entrapment devices installed to prevent accidents, and they are often referred to as photoelectric sensors. Those are most often two devices, an emitter, and a receiver, that are installed on the bottom of your garage door frame or tracks. An emitter sends a beam of invisible laser that the receiver captures, and a signal is being sent to the opener that there is no obstruction and the door can be closed safely. If there is a physical obstruction and the receiving device does not capture the beam, the door will not close. For the device to work, the two parts of the sensor must be aligned; if they are misaligned, the door will not close. Aligning the sensors is relatively easy; when a beam of light is being sent by the emitter and captured by the receiver, there usually is a green and steady indicator light. If your sensor does not have an indicator light, a wire can be used to align the sensors. Dirt and dust can also cause the sensors to malfunction. 

The photoelectric sensors are not a direct part of the mechanism that opens and closes the garage door. The sensors are there to ensure the safety of your loved ones and you. It is a good idea to keep your sensors clean because your photoelectric sensors require some care. In addition to cleaning your sensor regularly, it is not a bad idea to check if the emitter and the receiver are fixated, so they are less likely to get misaligned. Taking care of your garage door pays off long term.

Broken or malfunctioning garage door opener:

A malfunction of the opener does not necessarily mean your garage door opener must be replaced. If your garage door is not working, there could be several reasons why this is happening, including broken or defective parts (the easiest to identify is a broken spring) or issues with the opener. Many of the issues can be fixed, and only some will result in a replacement (the age of your opener can play a significant role).

How to take care of your garage door opener?

Your opener’s motor does not actually lift your garage door; it powers the counterbalance mechanism that does most part of the heavy lifting. Maintaining your garage door’s mechanism parts can be very important for your opener’s longevity and proper functioning. Maintenance includes regular visits by your garage door technician since it is often easier and cheaper to replace worn-out and old parts than replacing the garage door when those parts get out of order. You may want to put in some work as well. One easy thing you can do is keep extra remote batteries within reach; that way, you can quickly rule out old remote batteries. Also, you can regularly check if your garage door is balanced.

The importance of a balanced garage door:

For the garaged door and your garage door opener to function properly and to serve you for long, the door must be balanced. Checking the garage door’s balance is not a complicated task, and you can do it on your own if you wish.

The garage door needs to be disconnected from the opener and opened and closed several times manually. A balanced garage door will move along the tracks smoothly, and it will remain in the open position when opened, sliding up slightly. A balanced garage door will remain in a half-opened position without slamming closed.

If the garage door is not balanced, the torsion springs need to be adjusted, and extension springs must be replaced. Garage door springs, and especially torsion springs, are under a great amount of pressure and must be handled very carefully. It will be safest if you let an experienced garage door technician handle the springs, it then will be quick and painless, and your door will only benefit.

Lubricating hinges and tracks:

Lubricating your garage door metal parts regularly is essential to maintain the mechanism in good shape. It is good to lubricate the parts every six months if the garage door is being used moderately and at least every four months in case of extensive use. Make sure you choose the right kind of lubricant that will not thicken in the winter and that will not build up debris. 

Apply the lubricant moderately to all the metal on metal parts and wipe off excess. Do not apply lube to plastic or nylon parts since it can cause them to deteriorate faster. You do not need to lubricate the tracks, but it is good to clean them regularly, removing dust and dirt. You do want to lubricate the springs, which will keep the rust away for longer. Steel hinges, metal rollers and locks all require regular lubrication.

Taking care of your garage door can be a task that you may want to do regularly. You can ask your garage door technician what kind of maintenance you can do for your garage door that will be safe and fun.

We are a local garage door repair company that is located in Winnipeg. We love doing the garage door work for our fellow Winnipegers. Applying our experience and knowledge to make our neighbour’s life a little easier makes us feel good. We have been working with garage doors for many years now, and we want to continue doing the good work.

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