When Winnipeg home and business owners install a new garage door, they enjoy wide-reaching benefits. These typically include improved property value, security, and energy efficiency, among others. But what many home and business owners like the most about contemporary models is that state-of-the-art designs make their properties more attractive.

At Titan, we offer a wide variety of styles to meet the needs of our community members. Our team of experienced technicians possess decades of experience and prove our reputation for excellence one installation at a time. If you are planning new construction or your existing door has seen better days, these are reasons to contact Titan.

Top Reasons To Install A New Garage Door

As an industry leader in installations, we understand that hard-working people want to get the maximum benefit possible out of a product. However, we do strongly advise against streaming a fixer-upper video to get a little extra life out of a product. Such efforts too often put you and your family members at risk of injury. If your unit shows any of the following telltale signs, it’s time for a new installation.

  • Doesn’t Open or Close Properly: When a product reaches its life expectancy, structural deficiencies start to show. You may notice it doesn’t open or close seamlessly any longer. If you are forcing a door in any fashion, it’s time for a new model.
  • Noises: Sounds such as grinding, creaking, or rubbing, are indicators that the model is wearing out. It’s not unusual for subpar designs to require early replacement. As a professional installation outfit, we work closely with property owners to select a product that lasts.
  • Looks Uneven: A faltering door can bow or sag in the middle when its overhead or just look off-center when closed. Such misalignments are more likely to call for a replacement than a DIY tweak. Uneven doors are often about to time-out.
  • Drafts: Quality designs deliver robust energy efficiency because they are properly insulated. If your older model has begun allowing air to penetrate, you will likely spend more on utilities than necessary. Not only will a new model cure this loss, but next-generation designs are exceedingly more energy-efficient.
  • Unsightly Appearance: There is perhaps nothing worse than a door that is in decline. Discoloration and peeling diminish the curbside appeal and can reduce property values. It’s essential to replace them with top models that hold their appeal for upwards of three decades.

As an experienced professional who installs new models on a daily basis, safety and value considerations require the best possible model in a timely fashion.

The Importance of Garage Door R-Value

Containing climate-controlled air in space requires adequate insulation. The R-value of new designs determines the resistance of airflow penetrations. The model you select should correlate to the level of insulation — or R-value — needed to mitigate energy loss. The following is a breakdown for property owners to consider.

  • Single-Layered: Non-insulated, steel-backed units provide only minimal R-value.
  • Double-Layered: Semi-insulated products tend to deliver enough energy efficiency for not climate controlled or heated spaces.
  • Triple-Layered: Fully insulated models are commonly installed on attached garages that include heat.
  • Four-Layered: This top-tier design includes an overlay that makes them the best option for residential and commercial spaces that have heat, air conditioning, and running water.

It’s essential to marry the R-value of your new model with the garage or commercial space’s desired climate control. Our experienced customer care professionals can help you secure a unit that meets your needs.

Professionally Installed Garage Doors Winnipeg Residents Can Rely On

As an industry-leading installer, Titan offers cost-free estimates right over the phone. Suppose you have a standard size model that requires replacement. In that case, our team can discuss the benefits of designs that include a traditional, carriage house, full view, natural wood, and contemporary, among others. We offer visual representations on our website that generally range in size from 8×7 to 16×8. There are a variety of quality models that fall between these standard heights and widths as well.

We understand that home and commercial property owners expect a top return on investment when making improvements. A new door delivers excellent bang for your buck when installed by consummate professionals. Our trained technicians have the training and hands-on experience to perform any job, large or small, and we fully guarantee every installation. If you have an existing model that’s past its prime or are planning new construction, contact Titan to discuss high-quality and cost-effective options.

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