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Commercial overhead garage doors are somewhat different from residential garage doors. They tend to be much more substantial, heavier, and they undergo a lot more wear and tear. Commercial garage doors, when being used frequently, need extra maintenance to keep them in good working order.

Are Your Commercial Premises Secure?

Crime is on the increase in and around Winnipeg. Criminals have been targeting residential and commercial properties alike. Garage doors are a favorite point of entry, which makes a functioning, well-maintained garage door a critical component in the success of your operation.

No one wants to risk a security breach that could lead to the theft or vandalism of their inventory, least of all because of a broken or faulty garage door.

But that’s not the only reason to keep your commercial garage door in pristine condition.

A properly fitted overhead door improves thermal efficiency, saving on heating and cooling costs. Plus, a noisy, poorly-maintained garage door would detract from the professional image of your business.

Whether you manage a manufacturing plant, a transport operation or a vehicle repair shop, your business needs garage doors that not only run flawlessly, they need to look good too. This is where Titan Garage Doors in Winnipeg come into the equation.

Our expert technicians have years of experience working with a wide range of garage door types and brands. We can fix or replace all components, from cables and springs to rollers and brackets, and much more.

Why You Need Garage Door Professionals

Choosing a new garage door for your commercial property leaves you with a lot to consider. You need to look at safety, reliability, frequency of use, your budget, and the aesthetic. Our front-of-house staff can help you with all the options available, and steer you towards the right overhead door for your commercial needs. We’re always happy to receive your call, and we’ll arrange for a no-obligation, on-site quote right there on the phone.

As a commercial operator, you know how important it is to win your customers’ trust. Our technicians have been trained and field-tested over many years and possess the know-how and experience to install, repair, and maintain all makes of overhead garage door. There is no substitute for hands-on experience, and our many customer reviews attest to that.

Titan and Customer Trust

Earning your trust means a lot to us. We give our customers a signed written estimate before we start the job. That means you will know exactly what needs to be done and how much it’s going to cost. We also provide a guarantee of all our work and the parts supplied. If in the unlikely case that you’re not completely satisfied with our work, give us a call and we’ll put things right, pronto.

Same-Day and Emergency Services from Titan

Titan’s services are not only convenient; they are prompt and reliable too. We provide same-day services so you don’t have to worry about a lack of security or a prolonged period of commercial inactivity. Titan Garage Doors also offer 24-hour emergency services with technicians on-call any time of the day or night. Our service vehicles are fully stocked and 99% of the time we can get the job done in a single visit.

Regular Maintenance Schedule

Prevention is better than cure. We get that straight. So Titan offers an easy-to-set up schedule of regular maintenance for your commercial overhead garage door. We nip potential problems in the bud, so they don’t interfere with your profits in the long run.

Titan’s Quality Materials

Titan Garage Doors only uses top quality parts and materials. Unlike our competitors, we won’t quote for top-notch parts and then skimp on the quality. Our materials and component parts are the best the industry has to offer. Period. And we’ll give you a written guarantee to prove it.

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Our services provide safe, secure, and trouble-free operation of your commercial garage doors for years to come. Call Titan Garage Doors in Winnipeg, Manitoba today on 204-400-2127, for high quality, professional repairs, new door installation, and maintenance. Let us help you keep your garage doors, and your business, running smoothly.

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