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Titan Garage Doors is a local leader in the field of garage door installation and repair. Our services are affordable, and we cover the entire Winnipeg and surrounding areas. We supply, install, and repair all  makes of overhead garage doors, including motors, springs, cables, rollers, and much more. From regular maintenance schedules,  repair jobs, to complete new and replacement doors, we have all your residential garage door requirements covered.

How to be smart about choosing your new garage door:

Many houses in Winnipeg have a garage, and we use our garages for various purposes: parking the car, storage, working on projects and hobbies. Many homeowners do not give their garage doors much thought until it breaks or needs to be replaced. At Titan Garage Doors Winnipeg, we believe that being informed is the key to making good decisions that benefit you in the long run. Garage doors require regular maintenance, and it is a good idea to start gathering information about garage door types and how they work early on, sometimes even before you plan to rebuild your garage or renovate it. Let us share our knowledge with you and provide you with some food for thought and useful details about garage doors.

Some facts about a garage door you may want to know:

Garage door sizes

Garage door sizes vary. There are standard/common sizes available, and the door can be cutdown to fit your garage door frame if there is a slight difference in size.

If the door frame of your garage differs significantly from what is available on the market (you want to park a large RV in your garage), you may want to consider a custom-made garage door.

If you measure your garage door opening or your existing door, you will know exactly what size garage door you need.

Headroom space:

A roll-up garage door may require up to 12 inch of headroom space.

A sectional garage door will need 2.5 to 3.5 cm and ceiling space to fit the garage door when open.

Standard garage door sizes:

Single garage doors are often 8 to 10 feet wide (moving up in 12-inch increments) and 7 feet tall.

Double garage doors are 12-18 feet wide (24 inches increase between sizes) and 7 feet tall.

Custom doors go up 3 inch increments for height and 2 inch increments for width.

Roll-up doors can go up 10 feet tall and 18 feet wide for residential garage doors.

Lift type for sectional doors:

The lift-type depends on the tracks by which the garage door travels up and down. There are four types of lift that are most common in North America: standard lift, high lift, vertical lift, low headroom lift and rear torsion lift.

A standard lift will require at least 12 inches of headroom space in addition to 3 inches for the trolly operator. Most openers can be installed for this type of lift. The garage door will lift up slightly before entering the radius and horizontal track.

High lift is only going to work if there is a lot of headroom or a high celling because the door is being lifted straight up before the curve on the track.

Low headroom lift is used when there is limited headroom space, and the tracks (double tracks are required for this type of lift) are positioned very close to the ceiling and do not lift before the bending radius of the tracks starts. Installing an opener (even a jackshaft) can be tricky for this type of lift.

The vertical lift opens the door by lifting it up to the roof in a “follow the roof pitch” manner.

Sectional garage door or roll-up garage door, which one is better?

The two types of garage doors that are most common among those available are sectional doors and roll-up doors.

Rolling steel doors (also known as overhead rolling doors, roll-up doors, and ceiling garage doors) can be seen among residential and commercials doors they will look the same and the main different between commercial and residential is size. When this type of door opens, it rolls up into a coil on top of the garage door frame, which allows saving some ceiling space. Those doors are durable as the sectional ones, and limited options of insulation are available. They do not require a lot of maintenance, but regular safety inspections are necessary. Despite the advantages the roll-up doors offer, they are less common than sectional doors for residential use because of their elevated price, and the limited design options.

A sectional door is constructed from several panels (sections) stocked, one on top of the other. The door is being lifted up the tracks and stored under the ceiling when in an open position. This type of door offers quite a wide variety of materials to choose from: wood, steel, aluminum, plastic, fibreglass, and glass. Various designs are available, and that is another reason those doors are so popular. Insulated doors are also offered, which is very relevant in Winnipeg because of the kind of winters we get here. Sectional doors are available in a wide price range, and there is a door for any budget. Sectional doors are the sturdier out of the two and thus more secure.

Garage door materials:

Like it was mentioned earlier, roll-up doors are mainly made from steel. This material works well for this type of door, making it durable and secure.

Sectional garage doors, on the other hand, can be made from various materials, and each has advantages and disadvantages. Let us look into slightly more detail.

Steel doors are durable and lightweight, and this material does not absorb moisture which means that the door weight does not fluctuate during the different seasons. This is an important advantage because that helps significantly to maintain the balance of the garage door. Steel is prone to rust, but there are special paints that help in keeping the rust away that the doors are coated with.

Aluminum doors are lightweight, durable and rust-resistant. It also does not absorb moisture, and the door always remains at a constant weight. Aluminum doors are more expensive than steel.

Many different designs are available for both steel and aluminum doors.

Wooden doors are common because the material creates an attractive look and is easy to work with. There are different designs and different kinds of wood available. Typically, oak will be the most expensive and pine the least expensive. Wood does absorb moisture which makes the door heavier, and it rots. There are special paint and wood stains that help with moisture absorption and protect the wood. They should be reapplied regularly (every season).

Plastic doors are often constructed from plastic panels and steel or aluminum rales. Plastic has many advantages: it is light, attractive, moisture and scratch resistant. It can look very good for a while since scratches and dents are not as visible on plastic. Plastic can get deformed if exposed to high temperatures.

Fibreglass doors are constructed similarly to plastic doors and have similar advantages. In addition, fibreglass is more heat resistant than plastic is.

Glass garage doors are chic. Full view glass garage doors or glass inserts such are windows or glass panels provide your garage with an attractive and elegant look. Even though tempered glass is strong and moisture resistant, its main advantage is that it makes beautiful garage doors.

Garage door styles:

There are various garage styles available to match any architecture style and house exterior.

Raised panel, also known as, traditional design doors are very common. They provide a neat and elegant look for your garage. If we were trying and choose one style-fits-all, it would most likely be a raised-panel garage door. They are available in a variety of colours and materials to choose from.

Traditional style doors are doors that would match existing architectural styles such as colonial or Victorian. With the technologies that are used today to engineer and construct garage doors, you can get any door style that will match your exterior, and they can be made from a variety of materials too.

Carriage doors imitate the look of old carriage-style doors that used to be made from wood and open at the center. There are carriage doors that will be made out of steel imitate wood and open just as regular overhead door, but you can also get an actual imitation of carriage doors made out of wood and opening in the middle. Those kinds of doors can make an interesting and attractive detail in your house exterior. They may need a special kind of electric opener to lift the door. Consulting your garage door technician will be advised if that is the door you want to install.

Contemporary style doors are doors that create a very modern look, and they are usually chosen for modern architecture styles. The materials of choice are steel, aluminum, and glass. This style includes doors that are made of a solid slab of material as well as sectional doors. Slab doors require a special opener because the opening mechanism differs from the one used for sectional doors, which bend at hinges.

If your garage is separate from the house and is facing the backline, like many houses in Winnipeg do, you can be very practical when choosing your garage door since it has little effect on the house exterior.

If your garage door is facing the front, you may want to consult an exterior designer who will be able to advise you which garage door styles will benefit the looks of your house. You can take the choice of our garage door as an opportunity to make your house stand out.

Garage door hardware

There are various options available to individualize the looks of your garage door and add interesting and appealing details to the exterior. Decorative hardware such as handles and hinges can really add to the garage door looks. They vary from value price items to premium, so you can choose cool and interesting hardware at any budget.

R-value of the garage door

As residents of the Winnipeg and St Paul areas, you may want to know more about what R-value of the garage doors you are about to purchase is. We tend to have very cold winters in the Winnipeg area, so a garage door with thermal insulation maybe something beneficial. R-value represents the thermal resistance of the garage door in numbers, where zero will be no insulation and eight should give you decent insulation, the numbers for garage doors go up to 20. You may be especially interested in a higher R-value if your garage door is attached to the house or if your garage door is used as a working area.

Garage door thickness

Garage door thickness may vary. Steel garage doors thickness has three distinct categories:

Pan garage door will be made from a single layer of steel. Those kinds of garage doors are light and can be good for smaller doors. Single layer steel doors won’t be as sturdy and secure as the triple and double layer ones.

Double layer door will have a layer of steel with some insulation added. Polystyrene, which is commonly used, provides a decent degree of insulation.

A triple-layer garage door will consist of two layers of steel with thermal insulation in between. They are the most durable out of three and provide soundproofing in addition to thermal isolation.

Garage door insulation and insulation materials:

If you want your garage door insulated and order an insulated door, make sure you weatherproof your garage as well, insulation can do little if there are cracks and holes.

Supposing your currently existing door is in good shape but does not have a high R-value or is a single-layer garage door, you do not have to replace it. There are insulation kits available. Consult your garage door technician about which kits will work best for your door type.

The materials that are used for garage door insulation are vinyl-faced fibreglass and polystyrene foam (EPS).

If your garage is attached to the house and you worry about cold air coming inside your living area through the garage because your existing door does not provide a good degree of insulation, you can make sure the wall between the garage and your living area is insulated very well, that will give you a lot of benefits without having to change your garage door before its due time.

Garage door warranty

Most garage doors come with a manufacturer warranty (which varies from manufacturer to manufacturer). Inquire about what type of warranty is provided with your garage door from the supplier or the installer. Usually, they will also be the ones who make a claim to the manufacturer on your behalf. Ask what does the warranty cover and how long does it last.

Openers and springs also come with a warranty.

Why Choose Titan?

The garage door often gives passers-by the first impression of your home. A well-maintained garage door can greatly improve the curb appeal of your property. You need a garage door that is made of good quality materials and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It also needs to stand up to the local climate, which is why we supply and install insulated garage doors suited explicitly to our weather.

The increase in crime rates in and around Winnipeg is another important factor when we talk about garage doors. You need to know your property is safe and secure at all times. Winnipeg residents have recently been told by police to ensure their home security measures are up to speed. This includes fixing a malfunctioning, ill-fitting or damaged garage door.

A lot of people use their garage not only to park their vehicle; they also use the space to store valuable items. Bicycles and power tools are among the wide range of articles commonly stolen from garages in local residential areas.

Titan Garage Doors offers services from concept to completion of installation, through to repairs and ongoing maintenance. We supply and install automation components for all the major brands, plus we offer a 24-hour emergency service too.

Why Pay for Professional Services?

Titan understands that today’s homeowners face a whole bunch of expenses that come with owning a property. From plumbing repairs to leaking roofs, it never seems to end. Trying to save a bit of cash by repairing your garage door yourself seems like a good idea, right?

Maybe not.

The complex and dangerous nature of your garage door system can lead to even greater outlay, and in worst cases, to injury and even death. Alone the springs on your garage door contain enough potent power to send a damaged spring flying through the air if your DIY project goes wrong.

 Then there’s the sheer weight of the door to contend with. Plus, do-it-yourself can make matters worse when you lack the necessary skills, experience, and the right tools for the job. Don’t put yourself or your family at risk. Save money in the long run. Call the professionals for all your garage door needs. Titan is a local business with years of experience in installation, repairs, and servicing of all makes and models of garage doors.

Quality Services from Titan Garage Doors

There is no convenient time for a garage door to break. You’re just about to leave on vacation. Or you’ve just come home from work late at night. Murphy’s law states that your door will break when you least expect it. Our emergency services are available 24/7, so you can call us any time of the day or night.

Our technicians can be at your home within the hour, and we’ll apply a fast and efficient fix to your garage door. We’re experts at quickly assessing a situation and carrying out the best, most affordable solutions.

Titan’s technicians are insured and certified, so you can rest assured that you’ll be getting professional quality service. That said, there’s no need to wait until your door breaks down before calling us. We offer regular maintenance schedules that can nip any problems in the bud. Our maintenance services include roller, spring and hinge lube, motor maintenance, plus we’ll check anything else that could go wrong.

Occasionally, it will be necessary to replace components on your garage door especially when they show signs of wear and tear. Titan only works with quality parts, so you can be sure they’ll last for years to come. We’ll also provide you with affordable quotes before we start the job.

Call Titan Today for all Your Residential Garage Door Requirements

Our reputation is important to us, which is why we only provide excellent service, professional workmanship, and quality products warranties on parts and labor. If you have a garage door in need of repair or maintenance, or if it’s time you treated your home to a brand new garage door, get in touch with Titan on 204-400-2127 today. Our front-of-house staff is waiting for your call.

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